Is There Anybody Out There?

Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since my last post here. Well, it was an extraordinary year. And certainly this was not my plan.

Around the end of April last year I started recording the dialog for the first (hopefully not just the one) episode of Pop Trek. As that progressed, I realized that I needed some kind of theme music. Not wishing to infringe copyright or other intellectual property law, and not really being able to pay royalties for the use of the Alexander Courage theme (or any of the other music cues from the series), I set out to create something on my synthesizer app.

This actually worked somewhat well, particularly considering I’m more of an engineer than a musician. I can, with a sequencer and software, come up with –eventually– a credible piece of original music. Don’t ask me to actually play it, but by gosh, I can sure program it. At any rate, there were some sounds that just didn’t quite work, and so I resolved to try to learn music, at least in a rudimentary fashion, in order to solve this problem.

That’s the kind of crazy person I am. I probably could have found one of my more talented friends who, after watching me gesture and foam for the better part of an afternoon, might understand what I was looking for well enough to create a title theme and a few needed cues. But I’m dreadfully bad at explaining what I don’t understand at all, so I thought I should at least get far enough along to discuss it intelligently.

Well, I can’t say as I’m there yet, but it’s been a year of pretty amazing creative growth for me. Punctuated by one big ol’ nasty storm.

I was in the path of Hurricane Harvey, and while I was blessedly spared any loss to my home, the business I work for was significantly impacted. There was a lot of damage. It took a lot of time. It’s still not 100% rebuilt. So from the end of August to shortly after the first of the year, my primary focus was involved in that, and so this project was set aside. Reluctantly, but necessarily.

On the plus side, I’ve had some wonderful opportunities come my way in the form of musical instruments and tools, which I believe will not only improve what I ultimately do with Pop Trek but other future projects as well.

There have been other bumps in the road since last I was here. There always are. But for all of the unexpected, unwanted, and plain unpleasant things that have come to me in the last 12 months, there’s been a counter force that mitigates it, if not completely resolves it. I don’t know if it’s optimism. Maybe it’s just doing what you have to do because there’s nothing else you can do. Either way, I’m ready for another adventure.



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